Inspection Services


Residential (TREC) Inspections

Our primary service is to help home buyers in the south Texas area inspect the house they are looking to purchase. Regardless of whether the buyer is working with a real estate agent or dealing directly with the home owner, we can help with the home inspection and uncover defects that a typical home buyer would not notice. As licensed home inspectors in the state of Texas, we are forced to inspect for using a minimum standard that the state provides. However, we at All American go beyond the minimum standards.

Commercial Inspections

We also inspect most commercial buildings such as office buildings, commercial plazas, and warehouses. If the building is a large building with complex electrical or mechanical systems, we will hire our own Electrical and/or HVAC inspectors for consulting.

Termite (WDI) Inspections

Some lenders ask the home buyer to get the house inspected for wood destroying insects such as termites, and ask for a written report. We at All American are licensed termite inspectors and Certified Applicators and are experts in identifying wood-destroying insects. We can provide our clients with a written report that explains what type of wood-destroying inspects we found at the house, identifies where in the house we found them, and even includes a bid for the treatment so the buyer can negotiate repairs if need be.

Mold Inspections

We are the only home inspectors in the South Texas region that are licensed by the state to perform mold inspections. We have performed dozens of mold inspections in both residential and commercial properties all over the Rio Grande Valley. If you’re buying a house or a commercial building and suspect the property has mold, we can perform a mold inspection for a separate fee.

New-Construction Inspections

For buyers that are purchasing a brand-new house, we offer a special type of inspection which goes way beyond the minimum standards. We believe that since the house is new, it should follow all the new building codes, not like older homes that have older components which have been grandfathered in. This is the only time the buyer can have some negotiating power over the builder, so this is the perfect time to inspect a brand-new house. Some buyers never see the builder once he gets his money; and no one’s around to make the repairs.

Specialty or Custom Inspections

Many times, a home buyer is all spent out with all the expenses involved in purchasing a home, and has a limited budget for the inspections and appraisals. Or many times a home buyer is only concerned with one or two items in the house, such as the foundation, the roof, the A/C, the plumbing system, the electrical system, or the insulation levels in the attic, etc. For those types of buyers, we offer a limited inspection or a custom inspection for just the items that the buyer wants inspected.

Swimming Pool Inspections

We sub-contract with a professional pool builder that we have used for years and bring him along to perform our swimming pool inspections for our clients. He will provide our clients with a detailed pool inspection report and will include a bid sheet which will describe how much it will cost to repair each faulty component. This will allow the buyer to immediately start negotiating the pool repairs (if any) with the seller and even know if he wants to back out of the purchase if the repairs are way beyond budget. Also, our pool inspector goes far beyond what a normal poor inspector checks for and even checks the tiles all around the interior of the pool and can even perform a water leak test, which most other inspectors will NOT DO!

All American Professional Inspections

All American Professional Inspections