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Our company also offers private consulting services. If you are building a custom house and have a question about something your builder is doing or not doing; or if you want us to oversee the construction of your home, we are available to help with that.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

If you are buying an older home, or a house that was recently rehabbed, or a house that had mold in it at one time, or a house that sits on a pier-and-beam foundation, or a house that has or had a lot of junk in it, or a house where the owner had cats and dogs in it, or a house with a dirty carpet, or a house where you suspect the owners were using drugs, and you suspect the air in the house might not be that clean, we can perform an air-quality test to examine the quality of the indoor air. Many people suffer from severe allergy problems and never know that their health issues are caused by particulates and VOC’s found inside their homes. Some examples of this are mold spores, particulates floating in the air from cat or dog feces, dead insects, etc. It has been discovered by scientists that some children that live in homes with large roach problems can eventually develop asthma. However, all this can be eliminated or minimized by cleaning the air inside the house once or twice a year. See next paragraph for more information.

Indoor Air Cleaning (Air Scrubbing)

For our clients that suspect the air might be dirty for any reason (as described in the paragraph above – Indoor Air Quality Testing), we offer air-cleaning services. We have commercial machines that specialize in cleaning the air from most particulates and leave it nice and clean. We recommend this to our clients who are prone to allergies or have children living in the house.

Pest Control Services

We also offer our clients pest control services either to eradicate a present pest problem or as a preventive measure. We are fully licensed and insured and can resolve almost any pest problem. However, we specialize in wood destroying insects such as native subterranean termites, drywood termites, Formosan termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood boring beetles. We also carry commercial-grade pesticides for roaches and ants. We can also eradicate bats and bees without harming them. Another pest issue that we see in most attics is rat problems, which we can also exterminate.

Portable Generator

For home buyers that are purchasing houses that were repossessed or inherited and it is difficult to connect the electrical utility, we have a portable generator that we lease out in order to check the electrical components of a house. We have all the electrical connections and will actually deliver and pickup the generator ourselves.

All American Professional Inspections

All American Professional Inspections